April exhibition - I am invisible, am I?, Petri Halttunen

On Friday 1.4. the art exhibition "I am invisible, am I?" by Petri Halttunen opens at Mai-Art Gallery.

Petri Halttunen has been working in the field of visual arts and art history for many years, both independently and as a lecturer in Europaeus school, high school and community college at Savitaipale.

Halttunen works with oil and acrylic paints, drawing and music. Visual arts and music are important elements in Halttunen's work. They merge together in such a way that several of Halttunen's paintings also have musical works attached to them. Some of these paintingsare also on display in the Mai-Art gallery. Halttunen's music project is called "Vireystila" and his music can be heard on SoundCloud.

In the Invisible theme, Halttunen merges the background and the subjectmatter together, so that they are presented as equally important elements of each other. In terms of content, the works are about merging with nature, background and environment. In terms of the individual, Halttunen seeks to reflect on how some of us want to remain invisible, while others seek to be visible everywhere. We are by nature spiritually invisible to others, either of our own volition or involuntarily.

Invisibility can be experienced as a wonderful trait and skill, or as a distressing feeling of being alone or not belonging. It is up to the viewer to decide whether they wants to see the shapes of the work as a background, or the subject.

The exhibition is open 1. - 30.4.2022

Mon.-Fri.: 10 - 18
Saturday: 10 - 15

Please remember to wear a mask and keep safe distance to others while visiting us, thank you!

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