August exhibition - Maalauksia, Leena Raussi

August fills the Mai-Art Gallery with flowers with Leena Raussi's beautiful paintings.

Leena Raussi is a artist from Kouvola, with a 30 year long carreer in art. Her first 20 years she worked with aquarelle, but changed to acrylic paint.
Raussi says painting is on her mind daily, actually all the time. When she is not painting, she's taking photographs; they support eachother. She enjoys nature, so most of her themes and ideas come from there. 

Raussi is very quick on her moves, and doesn't plan too carefully 
-I can't know for certain, what I will paint the next day. Raussi explains.

Sometimes she wonders why she's always painting. Some kind of inner unrest, that needs to be let out on canvas. It's a way to live and breath, a passion for life.

For Raussi, it is resource in the darkest moments of life that calms her and pushes her forward.


Exhibition is open 4.-31.8.2021
Monday: closed
Thu.-Fri.: 10 - 18
Saturday: 10 - 14

Please remember to wear a mask and keep safe distance to others while visiting us, thank you! 

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