March exhibition - Tuli mitä tuli, Maanantaimaalarit -group

During March, Mai-Art Gallery will exhibit works of Maanantaimaalarit -group. The group exhibition features paintings in different techniques and themes.

Maanantaimaalarit -group has its roots in a arts club founded in 2000 in Skinnarila. Initially, this club, the brainchild of three women, met on Monday mornings, but over the years the number of enthusiasts grew so much that it split into two separate clubs in 2006.

The group now consists of nine women with a passion and hobby for visual arts. Working together, learning new things, experiencing success and the encouragement of a friend even in times of failure are the glues that draw women to make art together.
Together they have held a few joint exhibitions over the years, most recently in the summer of 2018 at the Lemi parsonage.


The exhibition is open 2. - 31.3.2022
Mon.-Fri.: 10 - 18
Saturday: 10 - 15

Please remember to wear a mask and keep safe distance to others while visiting us, thank you!


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