November exhibition - Perspektiiviä etsimässä, Hanna Meuronen-Majamaa

In November, the Mai-Art gallery will feature Hanna Meuronen-Majamaa's colourful oil paintings.

Meuronen-Majamaa is a artist from Lappeenranta, who has had a long career in art. Their work has varied in technique and style over the years. Eventually, oil colours and naivism became established in her work, which is also on display in Mai-Art's gallery.

The works on display are mostly from recent years, but also include the artist's first oil painting on canvas, which she painted at the age of 16. It clearly shows the same nuances as the artist's more recent work, and we can't help but admire.

Exhibition is open 2.-30.11.2021
Mon.-Fri.: 10 - 18
Saturday: 10 - 15

Please remember to wear a mask and keep safe distance to others while visiting us, thank you!

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