September exhibition - Mielikuvia, Päivi Pöyhölä

September fills Mai-Art Gallery with fantastcal scenery from Päivi Pöyhölä's artwork. 

Pöyhölä worked for a long time in the theatre, designing sets and costumes, and drawing theatre posters. All the while drawng for her own enjoyment.

On turning fifty, Pöyhölä held an exhibition of everything she has done so far, and Pöyhölä says it is now time for an update.

The works in the Mielikuvia exhibition are a combination of aquarelle, ink and coloured pencils, and are the product of Pöyhölä's last ten years.

Exhibition is open 2.-30.9.2021
Mon.-Fri.: 10 - 18
Saturday: 10 - 14

Please remember to wear a mask and keep safe distance to others while visiting us, thank you! 


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