July exhibition - When we dream, Claudia Hoffmann

In July we have an artist from Germany!

The exhibition associatively brings together a series of my works from recent years.
It bears the title because it contains my individual approach to different aspects of dreaming. Deep sleep, daydream, film images, nightmare and dreamed-up fantasy world, remnants of daytime experiences, memory splinters from childhood: these are images in my head that I bring to life.
Basically, I am interested in the question of how we process our experience, what moves us and which images "stick in our heads".
Since rediscovering painting, I have enjoyed the freedom to work in very different ways, to be figurative without any photorealistic pretensions, to appreciate fragmentary and sketchy as much as layered painting or almost abstract ornamentation. One is allowed to see the line and follow the working process.
I work either with pigments and self-made acrylic paint or with water-soluble oil paints that allow me an open painting process, sometimes I work with material prints and small drawings. But the large surface belongs to the paint..
-Claudia Hoffmann

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